Sunday, January 31, 2010

In the morning I'll be with you, but it will be a different "kind" I'll be holding all the tickets & you'll be owning all the fines.

The other night...
 I had an insane dream. I love to write them down or share them with my brother & a few other special ears. Although this dream has no meaning (or at least I don't know how to decipher it) I still think I could use the imagery for picture ideas or even a drawing or two. Anyway, it starts out where I am running. Running in a dream is incredible. You feel invincible. Strong, fast, & comfortable, only because you can run endlessly. If you've had a dream where you are running, you can relate to this. So I am running in a small neighborhood, a coldasac I suppose & I am with my cousins from my mom's side of the family along with a few friends of mine. As everyone else finishes up their runs & piles into one of the houses, my friend Julie & I decide to keep going. It's early night & it's a bit chilly. While we're running through the empty suburban streets, we encounter a portal. Without hesitation the two of us run through the blue orb & end up in a bad part of town. To our surprise, the run down buildings & ratty cars stand tall & shine under the sun. Although it is only dusk on now a summer day, everything is bright & beautiful. After only spending a short time under the glisten of the sun, we begin to head back home. Julie leaves as I enter the house. The living room is filled with family. My uncle David calls me over. He wants me to fish...into the dining room. My uncle attached a limb-less carcus to my hook. In reality I would have been mortified of anything dead, but this image wasn't grotesque at all. I cast the "nugget" out into the water (I'm not sure how to explain what I saw other than when I would cast out, I would be casting into an open lake. All from this living room. Yet when I was latching bait to my hook, it was just the same simple dining room I saw as I entered the house). Immediately small, goldfish sized fish, each one a color of the rainbow, lept from the water & began to swim slowly in the livingroom air. My uncle whispered for me to cup my favorite colored fish in my hands & slurp it down as if you would with a gummy worm. Without thinking twice, I put the small fish into my mouth, swallowing it without a wince. I was told that by doing this, I would experience a psychedelic trip & this would open a "good" portal in our home & close up the "bad" portal. I began to panic, I thought to myself "What if I can't handle this? I'm petrified of doing any psychedelic drug! I'm not ready!". The night grew darker & I felt the feeling of invincibility. The same feeling I had as I was running earlier. I was told that I can only enter the "good" portal if I wore Spring clothing. I laughed as I slipped the green flower print dress over my shoulders, letting it fall & wrinkle over my tights. I stepped out of the dining room, through the portal & into... a cave. Completely lit up by an unknown source. I walked down onto a few rocks. At the bottom of the small set of "stairs", were Pilgrim men. Me & a few other of my girl cousins began to Waltz with them. They taught us the steps & swung us around. Unfortunately, I cannot remember anything else from this point on.
Isn't that quite strange? I've had odd dreams like this, but never ones where portals are such a reoccouring image.
(this is the hair I'm going for)
Other than dreaming of the impossible, I've been quite busy. I entered a essay contest & won 2 tickets to a fashion show during NYC's Fashion Week! That was by far the highlight of my week/weekend/life? Maybe this Spring Boot Camp I've been doing in the mornings will give me the body/confidence to wear this dress I ordered a few weeks ago to the show. I'm quite anxious to see what the weekend brings. My friends Emily & Megan are supposed to come & stay with me this weekend. I'm thinking a bad chick flick.
I hope everyone had a marvelous week.
My friend Sydney said I should post my outfit everyday. I think I might just have to go with her request.
-lazy sunday: Black leggins, long, flowy white Forever 21 tank top, & vintage plaid.

-Elli Isabelle


  1. LOVE that photo with the cigarette, those teeth are amazing!

  2. Come and check out what's in store at AMON + MONICA. Cool vintage!