Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"its a hard parade just, be courageous."

"one day, my dreams will add up to my pay"

oh feist, can i be you....?
conor oberst ... can i be with you?
hello blog followers, if there is any...
i have abandoned this blog but who has noticed!
i have a couple projects up my sleeve right.
Me ,elli and her boyfriend went to wicker park for a history of chicago project. Everyone in the class made some generic poster board or slide show. NOT THIS KID.
i record our endeavors on a cheap camera, edited it,
and added tera melos music in the background.
so to say the least, its fairly... interesting.
(a tera melos link)

winter break was a sight for sore eyes.
it felt so good to see old faces and celebrate birthdays( jesus's and my best friend)
the days had shed slowly and they came and went.
we drove to my hometown on christmas day.
one of my favorite places is the backseat of a car drving through a wintery illinois.
there is nothing like a snowy midwestern ground with a vast horizon.

  • Eveything Conor Oberst( his teenage years, commander venus which is slightly punk. Of course bright eyes,which i always love. And his current side project, Monsters of Folk. which has Mike Mogis from bright eyes, M .Ward from She&him, and the singer from my morning jacket. I absolutely adore Conor Oberst you can ask anyone, that whenever he is mentioned my eyes light up. no pun intended.)
  • Old ass Modest Mouse. i feel like they started the math rock movement back in the late ninties. and you can ask any hipster that they were totally amazing before the popularity of float on. check out the song "styrofoam boots/nice on ice" its starts out folky and turns into a math rock jam. It totally ties in with that fuzzy feeling that winter projects.
  • Old ass Feist/ Broken Social Scene. Before feist was all over the apple commericials with "my moon, my man" she was in broken social scene. Tracks like "swimmers"& "anthems of a seventeen year old girl" are some of her best. As for her solo stuff , i perfer her old album which includes "intuition" . amazing and heartfelt.
As for movies, i saw Inglorious Bastards for the first time. can't exlpain except for its another Quentin T. classic. And i saw a movie called The Namesake, which is based on a novel i read last year. Something about really tugs at my heart, i think because it centers around family and being a different ethnicity then others around you.

As for my life, nothing interesting is happening anymore.
or should i say yet.
Im turning 18 in ten days.
I'm so ready to embrace the future and to leave the past behind.
~ Mia joy.

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