Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"happiness only really starts when shared"

Hello world.

It has occurred to me that life is always better when your eyes are open,

Realizing that you are only an inhabitant, a spec of the world’s dirt.

It seems to be whenever I post, I’m always in amidst of an epiphany.

Maybe this is true, but that is because I’m inspired quite easily.

It isn’t because the material of an object is so profound, but because of a thought that links me to a message. I like to find hidden truths in the worlds covered honesty.

Am I losing you? Example; The day after my 18th birthday I had just bought my first pack of squares in the gas station on the south side of town. I was with my oldest friend from elementary school. I took a victory smoke as we lay across the roof of her car.

Everything felt like nothing. We watched the winter sun set and listened to the muffled traffic pass. Bliss.

Earlier this week I watched Sean Penn’s, Into the Wild. Which was about an idealistic voyageur , nomadically moving around until his untimely death in Alaska. The scenery presented was the type that made you call god’s name. It made me jealous that I could never be that courageous and discovery the wild, but I did take this with me:

“ The core of man’s spirit is new experiences.”

(Which I promised myself were words I would live by)

Yes, I have epiphanies often. But it is because I know when something feels right, or when something needs to be done. I was just talking to Elli about this, how her approach to problems is to have faith, “things will work themselves out”. But then I pointed out that whenever this happens, I turn out to be the person that straightens things out.

I guess we are the ying and yang, can’t have one with out the other.

Life has been good to me. I had the best birthday I’ve currently ever had. I performed again at the same cafĂ©, but this time I was on my own. No mistakes and no stutters. I was even asked for an encore. It couldn’t have gone better. After that we all collected to my friends apartment. We partied well. The birthday couldn’t have gone better.

And as I was celebrating amongst my friends I remembered a quote from the movie:

“ Happiness only really starts when shared.”

~ Mia joy

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