Monday, January 18, 2010

We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it.

I've had a lenient past week. I'm not very worried about this weeks finals & so with all of the extra time, I've been playing massive amounts of Little Big Planet, reading Diving Bell & The Butterfly, & surfing the web for the perfect King of Hearts dress. Even though I won't be actually attending the dance, Brendan & I will 'celebrate' our second date. (Woohoo!) at this cozy sushi bar, Sen. Other than that, life has been good, & busy. The days are getting slightly warmer. I'm ready to pull out my light jackets again & possibly be able to comfortably wear a dress without the constant shivering. Even with tights.
-Mia's Masquerade party. 
Which didn't end up much as a Masquerade, but it was still great (:
Everyone got to see her perform at a local cafe & she did great!

-The Diving Bell & The Butterfly.
I've been reading this inspirational memoir all of last week. I saw the movie last year & didn't read the book till now. For all of you who haven't read it, it's written by Jean-Dominiquie Bauby, the former editor of France's Elle Magazine. He has a stroke which causes him to suffer from something called Locked-In Syndrome, where you are literately a prisoner in your own body, but you can use your mind & as far as this book informs me, your eyes too. So, Jean & this woman who works with him in the Hospital, Claude, create an alphabet. Instead of going ABC etc. they go from the most frequent used letter in the French language, to the least frequent. Claude reads off this "code" as they call it & Jean blinks once on the letter he wants to use. With this he forms sentences, of which he can communicate with. With this, Jean decides to write a book about his life post stroke. It's beautifully written & extremely inspirational. Go get it! It's very much worth it. The movie, directed by Julian Schnabel, captured the book, and Bauby himself quite well, It's very, very emotional, but I highly recommend that you take a weekend to read the book & watch the film.
This is the actual Jean-Dominique. I'm guessing this is his son & daughter, even though they both look like boys?
The man in the red pants is the actor that played Jean in the movie. Mathieu Amalric. One of my personal favorite actors.
I'm not so much obsessed with finals, as I am trying to get my stuff done for finals. It's tedious, but who doesn't want to do well on their finals.
-Elli Isabelle.


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