Sunday, January 10, 2010


mmmm oh boy. is it sunday already?
i asked myself that waking up not realizing what had happened the night before.
what an eventful weekend this was.

yesterday i went to a near by cafe with like 5 girls
it was a raising fund thing to keep it open with bands playing
with everyone buzzed and egging me on they encouraged me to play.
so i did.

to say the least,
it was a bit embarrassing, but i got positive feedback. ( me & E ^)

On friday, i was an old friend from college and we went sledding without sleds. oh yes my friends, we wrapped ourselves in saran-wrap, like tacos. we went down the hills on our bellies. i felt like we were on an adventurous Levi commercial.

Speaking of commercials, more and more I notice that commercials are trying to be "hip" and putting my generations music on it! which makes me angry because what's the point of having "indie" music once it becomes corporate? I suppose i am happy for their success ,they got to eat..
Bands such as have been on commercials:
  • passion pit ( cell phones)
  • Phoenix ( cars)
  • Mates of states ( Caribbean cruise haha)
good for you guys but every time i hear the chorus of those songs i'm reminded of your products.

but you know who doesn't piss me off?
this guy :]

stay classy america.

mia joy

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