Thursday, January 7, 2010

you are my voice, my microphone. you are my voice, so take me home.

Elli here;

Hey there bloggers.
I've been meaning to take the time to write a legitimate post, about legitimate things. Even though I check my favorite blogs every day, I tend to post far less than that. My winter has been jam packed, especially around the holidays. Spending massive amounts of time with family is both refreshing & increasingly stressful. As you all know. Pleasing grandmas & endless kisses. With family comes fights & meaningless bickering. My dad & his brother teasing my aunt by pointing all of the veggies on their plates at their sister, just like they did as kids. With family comes tears & laughter. Joyous hellos & long goodbyes. & with family comes security. There is no one that I trust more, than I trust my family.

As for fashion, music, & art. I've been getting a lot of it. With all of the Christmas money, I've been buying so many clothes & not to mention! My pixie shoes! Which is both bad & fantastic. I should be saving for college books & dorm room furniture. Oops. One thing that didn't cost me a penny was going to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Free on Tuesdays (thank you Chicagooo). Renovating art pieces, especially the cloth covered bodies, which in fact were actually carved from marble. My Grandma seemed to love the montage of nude butts with the imprints of different chairs. Chicagoans neeed to take the time to visit. It's so fantastic & they add new exhibits constantly.
This seasons fashion has been quite intriguing. Lux furs have filled the streets of Chicago. I'm contemplating on getting a faux fur vest for myself, but I have to find a suitable one. Some can be way ugly...
I find it hard dressing well in this horrific cold weather. All I want to do is stay warm, tights & a dress do no good at doing so. But as the winter rolls out & a new season rolls in, inspires me. Spring patterns are giving me a feel of what's to come & I'm looking forward to what today's designers bring to the table.

Current Obsessions:
Bold shoulders.
A yay or a nay? I say yay all the way. I think it accents one of our body's most beautiful feature. Glamour magazine thinks differently. Only because men don't find them attractive. Personally I find this silly. They may look a bit buff, but play shoulder pads up with a lightweight top. Giving both a feminine & bold look. Shoulder pads all the way this winter.

-Boyfriend jeans.
Just bought my first pair yesterday. Most comfortable jean by far. You can dress them up with a pair of heels/wedges or dress them down with moccasins or sneakers. I've been seeing them a lot this season, & there good for next as well.

-Coconut Records.
Everyone should look into this band. They have an indie tune & scream "were really fucking rad". My personal favorite is Microphone. Uplifting & cute. Love the lead singers soft voice. Plus, how can you not love the all famous Jason Schwartzman as the bands drummer.

Do I need to say more?

Masquerade?? I think so! Super excited for this night. Love her (:

Applied for 6 jobs today. Had a nice resume. Two out of the 6 were for sure hiring. Wish me luck!

-elli isabelle.

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