Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She sang the soul train with a friend named Jen. Her booty was bigger than a Mercedes Benz.


I cant remember...

The last time groundhog day determined that winter would not continue for another 6 million years.
Groundhog, unfortunately, you are not special.
So because of this, I'm stuck. I don't know whether to buy spring clothes, or heavy winter clothes. This is a delema.

My trip to NYC is coming up soon & I'm begging the sky to bless me with good weather. Maybe I can bring out some pieces I've been dying to wear all winter? None the less, go shopping & not have to worry about if its going to snow or not!


I wanted to find something solid I could post about. Maybe an interesting conversation. Or a fun adventure. I've had a few in the past days, but there is one I want to share. I'm not sure if you remember, but many entries ago, I posted a conversation I had with a friend about love. This new conversation is, in fact, about love, but in a new light. My friend, let's call her J, asked me what is love? What does love mean? I let my mind wander a bit before answering. The first thing that came to mind was a book I read a few weeks ago, Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. Love is a recurring theme throughout this novel. So I chose to answer J with something I had read, but truly believe in. Love is when you hate someone's absence more than you love their presence. Love is when you can admire "them" from a distance. Love is not one sided. It takes TWO to tango.

I soak up these conversations like a sponge. In a way, they are a pathway to ones inner thoughts & beliefs. The term love is used so often that when you do find that person who you "love" more than a word or a phrase could ever explain, it makes you want to scream "I do not love you at all. Love is a tethered word. I will never love you because what I feel for you is so much greater than one word could ever express". Do ya feel me?

I love this picture. Nikki Hilton in a Rodarte for Target leopard dress. Or so I believe.
Summer. I'm missin' on you.
Current attire: dark skinnies, leather "riding" boots, white scoop-neck long-sleeve shirt, long thin coral scarf.

Have a marvelous Wednesday.
-Elli Isabelle

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