Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hey there.
This weekend’s events have worn me out. Friday as you all know (or should know, from my previous post) was quite relaxing. Brendan, the boyfriend, came over & snuggled up to some serious Jack Black action. Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny. It was the first time I've seen it. Personally, I loved it. Jack Black gets me every time.
Saturday on the other hand was quite busy. The Grandma & I spent the day together. We bought a diaper for her dog, who is heat. After strapping the furry baby into her new jean outfit, we picked up some winter flowers at Whole Foods to bring to my mom's grave. The two of us laughed as our boots filled up with snow & cried during a happy little prayer. After wiping our tears & shivering to the car, we ventured to the mall, where we spent the rest of the day.
I found a awesommee fur vest at...drum roll...Victoria's Secret...? Yes indeed. I was surprised, but it was by far the nicest one I've found, for a reasonable price.
Over dinner we talked about when she was growing up. The fashion, the music, the movies. I nearly died when she said her brother looked like Danny from Grease. I wish people now a-days dressed like greasers!
Last night was great as well. Caught up with an old friend & had a great time.
Today I spent all day with friends filming our French music video. It was a great time & I'll post the video tomorrow.

I'm slowly starting to get a taste of the spring lines. I'm seeing a lot of knits & light trench coats. I've also been seeing visible zippers this is a hit or miss. I don't find it logical to put a heavy metal zipper on nearly tissue thin material. It weighs the garment down & looks a bit ridiculous. There's somewhat of a "youth sensation" or Lolita, Sweetheart look forming amongst top designers including Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Prada, & Moshino. I find the lines fun & playful for 2010's Spring. Chanel on the other hand has something else in mind. Their spring line consists of a country/farm feel. Maybe even peasant like? Plenty of ruffles, clogs, & light, poppy prints.

Goodnight & I hope you all had a marvelous weekend.

-elli isabelle.


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