Sunday, January 31, 2010

In the morning I'll be with you, but it will be a different "kind" I'll be holding all the tickets & you'll be owning all the fines.

The other night...
 I had an insane dream. I love to write them down or share them with my brother & a few other special ears. Although this dream has no meaning (or at least I don't know how to decipher it) I still think I could use the imagery for picture ideas or even a drawing or two. Anyway, it starts out where I am running. Running in a dream is incredible. You feel invincible. Strong, fast, & comfortable, only because you can run endlessly. If you've had a dream where you are running, you can relate to this. So I am running in a small neighborhood, a coldasac I suppose & I am with my cousins from my mom's side of the family along with a few friends of mine. As everyone else finishes up their runs & piles into one of the houses, my friend Julie & I decide to keep going. It's early night & it's a bit chilly. While we're running through the empty suburban streets, we encounter a portal. Without hesitation the two of us run through the blue orb & end up in a bad part of town. To our surprise, the run down buildings & ratty cars stand tall & shine under the sun. Although it is only dusk on now a summer day, everything is bright & beautiful. After only spending a short time under the glisten of the sun, we begin to head back home. Julie leaves as I enter the house. The living room is filled with family. My uncle David calls me over. He wants me to fish...into the dining room. My uncle attached a limb-less carcus to my hook. In reality I would have been mortified of anything dead, but this image wasn't grotesque at all. I cast the "nugget" out into the water (I'm not sure how to explain what I saw other than when I would cast out, I would be casting into an open lake. All from this living room. Yet when I was latching bait to my hook, it was just the same simple dining room I saw as I entered the house). Immediately small, goldfish sized fish, each one a color of the rainbow, lept from the water & began to swim slowly in the livingroom air. My uncle whispered for me to cup my favorite colored fish in my hands & slurp it down as if you would with a gummy worm. Without thinking twice, I put the small fish into my mouth, swallowing it without a wince. I was told that by doing this, I would experience a psychedelic trip & this would open a "good" portal in our home & close up the "bad" portal. I began to panic, I thought to myself "What if I can't handle this? I'm petrified of doing any psychedelic drug! I'm not ready!". The night grew darker & I felt the feeling of invincibility. The same feeling I had as I was running earlier. I was told that I can only enter the "good" portal if I wore Spring clothing. I laughed as I slipped the green flower print dress over my shoulders, letting it fall & wrinkle over my tights. I stepped out of the dining room, through the portal & into... a cave. Completely lit up by an unknown source. I walked down onto a few rocks. At the bottom of the small set of "stairs", were Pilgrim men. Me & a few other of my girl cousins began to Waltz with them. They taught us the steps & swung us around. Unfortunately, I cannot remember anything else from this point on.
Isn't that quite strange? I've had odd dreams like this, but never ones where portals are such a reoccouring image.
(this is the hair I'm going for)
Other than dreaming of the impossible, I've been quite busy. I entered a essay contest & won 2 tickets to a fashion show during NYC's Fashion Week! That was by far the highlight of my week/weekend/life? Maybe this Spring Boot Camp I've been doing in the mornings will give me the body/confidence to wear this dress I ordered a few weeks ago to the show. I'm quite anxious to see what the weekend brings. My friends Emily & Megan are supposed to come & stay with me this weekend. I'm thinking a bad chick flick.
I hope everyone had a marvelous week.
My friend Sydney said I should post my outfit everyday. I think I might just have to go with her request.
-lazy sunday: Black leggins, long, flowy white Forever 21 tank top, & vintage plaid.

-Elli Isabelle

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"gun hip swollen lip bottle sip"

you left me broken down beggin for change.
(art from the previous fieldtrip)

Homies is the word of the week.

I can’t stop saying homies, I guess because they surround me.

Finals are over, now its back to reality, facing new subjects and tasks.

I’m officially a second semester senior.

Life is just about to begin.

I ended up seeing that old friend of mine.

Who knew the Harold Washington library was the happening place for elderly men to play chess? I had a splendid time.

and here's a zombie i painted:

My concentration was suppose to be zombies

But I got kind of bored painted decayed flesh.

We’ll see where the next inspiration comes from…

Current Obsession:


Indeed they are always an obsession!

Coco Rosie consists of two sisters from France and one male dj.

One sister ‘raps’ like a folk-poetry, sister number two was actually an opera singer.

The two combine have a sultry yet raspy persona.

Plus the beats are sick. But I can see why some wouldn’t like their mousy-ish. tone.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Got a gut feelin'. Got a gut feelin', feelin'.

Oh Devo...why some people dislike you? I do not understand.

I have been camera-less for quite some time now & thirsty to take some pictures of my own for the blog. My boyfriend is quite the photographer. He kindly let me borrow his marvelous Nikon D40 that I've only had the blessing of using in his presence. With this temporary gift, I decided to post with a little bit of my own. I took a photography summer school class last year, but that doesn't mean I'm good, so bear with me...

This is where the magic happens...or so they say on Cribs.

Panera extravaganzas with the ones I love best. (i have no idea where the picture of Mia went ]: )

Current Obsessions:
-Lula magazine.
I just purchased Lula's nineth issue. Let me tell you, the 16 dollars was worth it. Each set of shots had a theme & an interview with either the designer or behind the scenes magic men/women. Beautiful pictures of red haired models in this spring's designer pieces. Ranging from lace slips by Stella McCartney to abstract stitched motorcycle jackets by Yves Saint Laurent. You go Karen Elson, I give you a jumping high five for guest editing such a stellar magazine.

-Them Crooked Vultures
Guitarist & Vocalist- Josh Homme
Drummer- Dave Grohl
Bass, piano, various other instruments- John Paul Jones
Their hit song New Fang has definitely caught my attention. A new age sound reaches out to more than just the general public. As far as I know, these guys are getting a lot of attention. I was stunned when I found out it's members. I highly recommend you take the time & check these guys out.

-SYDNEY T's birthdayy weekend!
Need I say more? Syd. Your the bees knees & I can't wait to finish this weekend off with some killer Snookie dance moves. Jersey Shore party? We're going to need to bust out the hairspray & self tanner.

-My Doc's...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading (:

Sleeping Lessons-The Shins

-Elli Isabelle

Friday, January 22, 2010

Boneless, this town is all in hell

what it is guys.
i've just realized every headline of a post is a song lyric, COOL. (not)
I'm stuck at home this evening for i am being punished for my unfortunate grades.
i'ma take my angst on the interweb.
Angsty kirsten! you forgot your bra at home, babe.

i'm going to start writing down my epiphanies i have everyday
and it will read: MIA'S EPHIPHANY OF THE DAY!!
(kinda of like pee wees "word" of the day)

epiphany 1/22/10: being stuck in a rut is for people that do not know themselves.
Say your down in the dumps, your girlfriend just sex texted somebody else, or your period stained your pants, your cat died...
you have to learn how to laugh at your stupid little life.
If your stuck feeling like shit, it's because you don't know how to make yourself happy!

Like today i was bummed, i was suppose to go to Hyde park and visit a friend
(which would've been epic and wonderful, i'm so sorry Remy if your reading this!)
and i couldn't.. but you know what i did?
well first i was angsty, but after that guys, i just brushed it off
can't let those little disappointments weigh you down.


  • Explosions in the sky ( i went to see them on 7/2/09 at the congress. they are an instrumental/ experimental/melodic jam band, to say the least it was a very spiritual experience. )
he is in most of my favorite movies (Rushmore, the Darjeling Limited)
his wonderful tv show, Bored to death.
his wonderful band coconut records.
plus i have a thing for jewish boys....
  • my new favorite band is called Grizzly Bear*. I've known them for a while but just recently I've taken the time to actually listen to them. There is no point in describing them except COOL. and you want to be cool don't you. oh and The Notwist *, listen to them if ya want to hip.
fuckin Zach Galifianki's is king.

~Mia joy

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"happiness only really starts when shared"

Hello world.

It has occurred to me that life is always better when your eyes are open,

Realizing that you are only an inhabitant, a spec of the world’s dirt.

It seems to be whenever I post, I’m always in amidst of an epiphany.

Maybe this is true, but that is because I’m inspired quite easily.

It isn’t because the material of an object is so profound, but because of a thought that links me to a message. I like to find hidden truths in the worlds covered honesty.

Am I losing you? Example; The day after my 18th birthday I had just bought my first pack of squares in the gas station on the south side of town. I was with my oldest friend from elementary school. I took a victory smoke as we lay across the roof of her car.

Everything felt like nothing. We watched the winter sun set and listened to the muffled traffic pass. Bliss.

Earlier this week I watched Sean Penn’s, Into the Wild. Which was about an idealistic voyageur , nomadically moving around until his untimely death in Alaska. The scenery presented was the type that made you call god’s name. It made me jealous that I could never be that courageous and discovery the wild, but I did take this with me:

“ The core of man’s spirit is new experiences.”

(Which I promised myself were words I would live by)

Yes, I have epiphanies often. But it is because I know when something feels right, or when something needs to be done. I was just talking to Elli about this, how her approach to problems is to have faith, “things will work themselves out”. But then I pointed out that whenever this happens, I turn out to be the person that straightens things out.

I guess we are the ying and yang, can’t have one with out the other.

Life has been good to me. I had the best birthday I’ve currently ever had. I performed again at the same cafĂ©, but this time I was on my own. No mistakes and no stutters. I was even asked for an encore. It couldn’t have gone better. After that we all collected to my friends apartment. We partied well. The birthday couldn’t have gone better.

And as I was celebrating amongst my friends I remembered a quote from the movie:

“ Happiness only really starts when shared.”

~ Mia joy

Monday, January 18, 2010

We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it.

I've had a lenient past week. I'm not very worried about this weeks finals & so with all of the extra time, I've been playing massive amounts of Little Big Planet, reading Diving Bell & The Butterfly, & surfing the web for the perfect King of Hearts dress. Even though I won't be actually attending the dance, Brendan & I will 'celebrate' our second date. (Woohoo!) at this cozy sushi bar, Sen. Other than that, life has been good, & busy. The days are getting slightly warmer. I'm ready to pull out my light jackets again & possibly be able to comfortably wear a dress without the constant shivering. Even with tights.
-Mia's Masquerade party. 
Which didn't end up much as a Masquerade, but it was still great (:
Everyone got to see her perform at a local cafe & she did great!

-The Diving Bell & The Butterfly.
I've been reading this inspirational memoir all of last week. I saw the movie last year & didn't read the book till now. For all of you who haven't read it, it's written by Jean-Dominiquie Bauby, the former editor of France's Elle Magazine. He has a stroke which causes him to suffer from something called Locked-In Syndrome, where you are literately a prisoner in your own body, but you can use your mind & as far as this book informs me, your eyes too. So, Jean & this woman who works with him in the Hospital, Claude, create an alphabet. Instead of going ABC etc. they go from the most frequent used letter in the French language, to the least frequent. Claude reads off this "code" as they call it & Jean blinks once on the letter he wants to use. With this he forms sentences, of which he can communicate with. With this, Jean decides to write a book about his life post stroke. It's beautifully written & extremely inspirational. Go get it! It's very much worth it. The movie, directed by Julian Schnabel, captured the book, and Bauby himself quite well, It's very, very emotional, but I highly recommend that you take a weekend to read the book & watch the film.
This is the actual Jean-Dominique. I'm guessing this is his son & daughter, even though they both look like boys?
The man in the red pants is the actor that played Jean in the movie. Mathieu Amalric. One of my personal favorite actors.
I'm not so much obsessed with finals, as I am trying to get my stuff done for finals. It's tedious, but who doesn't want to do well on their finals.
-Elli Isabelle.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Everybodys going to love today, love today, love today.

Happy Tuesdayyyy.

I'm not quite in the writing mood, I have an idea for a post that I'm currently working on. I'll post it more than likely on Thursday. Heres some pictures I liked.
Enjoy (:

Check it out. Baby Natalie Portman!

-Elli Isabelle.

pics: hardtoexplain//scr783//lelove//fashiongonerouge//sophomore.