Sunday, January 24, 2010

Got a gut feelin'. Got a gut feelin', feelin'.

Oh Devo...why some people dislike you? I do not understand.

I have been camera-less for quite some time now & thirsty to take some pictures of my own for the blog. My boyfriend is quite the photographer. He kindly let me borrow his marvelous Nikon D40 that I've only had the blessing of using in his presence. With this temporary gift, I decided to post with a little bit of my own. I took a photography summer school class last year, but that doesn't mean I'm good, so bear with me...

This is where the magic happens...or so they say on Cribs.

Panera extravaganzas with the ones I love best. (i have no idea where the picture of Mia went ]: )

Current Obsessions:
-Lula magazine.
I just purchased Lula's nineth issue. Let me tell you, the 16 dollars was worth it. Each set of shots had a theme & an interview with either the designer or behind the scenes magic men/women. Beautiful pictures of red haired models in this spring's designer pieces. Ranging from lace slips by Stella McCartney to abstract stitched motorcycle jackets by Yves Saint Laurent. You go Karen Elson, I give you a jumping high five for guest editing such a stellar magazine.

-Them Crooked Vultures
Guitarist & Vocalist- Josh Homme
Drummer- Dave Grohl
Bass, piano, various other instruments- John Paul Jones
Their hit song New Fang has definitely caught my attention. A new age sound reaches out to more than just the general public. As far as I know, these guys are getting a lot of attention. I was stunned when I found out it's members. I highly recommend you take the time & check these guys out.

-SYDNEY T's birthdayy weekend!
Need I say more? Syd. Your the bees knees & I can't wait to finish this weekend off with some killer Snookie dance moves. Jersey Shore party? We're going to need to bust out the hairspray & self tanner.

-My Doc's...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading (:

Sleeping Lessons-The Shins

-Elli Isabelle


  1. I like Devo too! They are going to play at Coachella. I also like the comic pictures on your wall. Nice pictures!

  2. I would lovvee to go to Coachella. Thank you!