Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey everyone who reads this!

i'm writing this blog in film class 
because i'm bored and finished with most things.
i'm starting a fantastic project

i brought one of my cameras to school today.
 I found an old tape in the dust of my shelves.
There was footage of freshman year,
 its funny how my voice hasn't changed
there was a lot of tape that was not used so 
i thought i would record a day in my senior year
so i have a lot of awkward experssion
and some pretty awesome interviews.
i had lunch with a boy
and i enjoyed it.
thanksgiving is coming,  with all its
family drama over that cousin who isn't out of the closet
 to the unexpected  pregnancies
and drunken trvia scwabbles
aren't we all excited to see those family members that
don't remember your name but they kiss you on the cheek anyways.
i Hope your holidays are as awkward as mine
I'll be watching war movies with my uncle joe who went to vet niam. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Never hide, colorize.

I'm on a mac & I'm having some serious trouble saving pictures, I love this one & just had to share. Props to Le Smoking.

amour amour amour



(lets have a marathon and bond)

Good morning, good afternoon, or  good night!

YES, elli speaks the truth I spoke to Thomas Lennon!

we interviewed him for our film class and for some reason i could only think of asking him two things: do you ever get embarrassed pretending to be in ridiculous situations?

and is Michael Ian black real a dick?

and if your wondering, he really is.

How is your November treating you?

Its starting to get a bit nippley over here

But that’s the way I like it.

I even dyed my hair the color of the leaves

  There is this one movie that completely changed my life

but I refrain myself from seeing it because it brings

old emotional ties  to the surface. Icky icky emotions

Doesn’t eveyone have that film.

That film that makes you feel completely at home

 where ever you may fall asleep these days.

That film you lost your virginity to,

A film you’ve cried to, know every line, memorized the score front and back

A film that reminds you of someone who doesn’t remember you anymore

Or it reminds you of somebody you have forgotten.

Yep. That’s the one.


I hate that I can’t watch it.

Emotions are the devils bitch.



I am quite the little swearing spitfire.


But on the up side,

I heard I have a secret admirer

Which is always good.

I hope he like good bands.

I like good bands, do you?

Of course you think you do.

I don’t think I have ever meet anyone who has said

“I have a really awful taste in music”

Or the always perpetually stimulating

“I don’t listen to music”


which I wish people would just say when I meet them

so I don’t have to figure out on my own that either you’re

A)   a prick.

B)   Ignorant.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to box you.

 personally its fine by me if you are, as long as your not pretending that you’re not.

At the end of the day man,

I could give a rats assssss.



Im going to go find the courage

To watch a film that may remind me

Of the forgotten



Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who wears short shorts, DANGLE wears short shorts.


Hey there everybody.

So, you know Lt. Dangle played by Tom Lennon, from Reno 911? Well...back in the day...he went to my High School! So, usually our tradition of excellence is another boring assembly which is either a nice power nap or a nice 45 mins of solid homework time. This time was different. Tom Lennon came & talked at one of the assembly this year. He was HILARIOUS! Such a great charismatic guy. I wasn't as lucky as Mia who actually got to do a quick interview, but I did get a hello from Lt. Dangle. I may note he didn't wear his extremely tight short shorts, but he did do a cartwheel. Anyway, he was fantastic & I am super proud to call him a "Huskie". Corny, I know.

Anyway. I've been reconnecting with a lot of old friends from when I went to school in the city. It makes shoot out tears of joy. This just makes the holidays. SPEAKING OF HOLIDAYS. I am so excited for christmas/winter break. I'll be spending some time in Cali visiting my schools (:

The weekend has brought good times. Friday was enjoyable, just relaxed at my step mom's with the boyfriend & the best friend. Today was a change of events. I saw my therapist & learned a lot that I was so oblivious to or was only subconsiously thinking of. Then spent some time at Target and ventured back to my friends house to a fun filled night full of...Barbie tossings, brownie making, and some serious True Blood watching. Many many laughs were shared & we made some awesome videos.

CURRENT OBSESSIONS: Topshop, Kate Moss, Vicks Vapor Rub (I have this terrible cough *cough*), Green tea, Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros, moccasins, & sharpies.

I still have to post more fashion stuff, so I'll be posting tomorrow.

Goodnight...moon (:

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hush up its my turn to talk, trick!


How it is

No really how is it?

I have had a jam packed day let me tell you

I had an art field trip ( of course I did, because im the type of kid

who has an art field trip then blogs about it that night, my lord who am i!)

 so we went to this art supply store on the east-y east of side of Chicago

FUN FACT: there really is no such thing as an east side because Lake Michigan covers that whole side of the state, so the closest side we have to the east is our downtown towards the lake.

Nerdy that I just schooled you on my chi knowledge? Nay, what could be more thug then the town that made al capone famous? AINT NOTHING BUT A G THANG.

Im very proud of my city obviously

Which makes it such a hard decision whether I should stay here or go to Nashville for school…….

I gotta really soul search. I love that phrase. It makes you feel like the devil, “WHERE HAS MY SOUL GONNNNEEE???”

Bahaha.  back to the fieldtrip. So after the art supply store we went to Portillos down the block. I think its on superior and Orleans ( north east side)

AND the main cashier was this 50 year old black woman who had this head mic and announced your order in a very jovial tone, you know , calling er body baby.

Which I absolute love.

Im drawn to people with that type of energy like a moth.

So me and my friend maria asked to be photographed with her.

I wasn’t afraid, I even wore the little paper built fold out hat for the rest of the day.

I also gave her the rest of the brownies I baked that I brought for the trip.

So im pretty sure God is going to let me into heaven now.

The rest of the day my friends and I broke from the pack, smoked our squares ( I know cliché) looked through the numerous galleries/exhibits. Most of the glass vases I saw looked like very well made bongs.

Either bong makers are getting better

or fiber/glass students are smoking pot.

Just an observation.

I also got to know two different guy graffiti artists.

One was even nice enough to compliment my work.

I took a lot of solid pictures of the city. I’ll post that later.

I also caught up with a girl I use to be friends with from eight grade.

Its nice to hear she got her act together, happy and making art.


p.s I have had this one particular masterpiece of a song in my head

“ where is my panties” by outkast on the speakerboxx/love below album


where basically it’s a dialogue montage of the morning after a first night stand

and in Andre 3000 point of view, he’s all like

“ she gunna think I think she some type a hoe.

But really, it make me think, she know what she want out of life!”


Which really America,

Is so much my life. Not the first night stand part

But I know what I want out of life!


Ps.s did you ever realize that cats don’t have eye lids?

Next time you cant take your glance of your cat

Notice that they kinda resemble owls a bit.


Fight the power!



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Well, hot and heavy, pumpkin pie, Chocolate candy, Jesus Christ, Ain't nothing please me more than you.


freepeople blog

This song is so great. The lyrics are catchy & flowing. I have no idea why my text is underlined. I have no idea how to un-underline it.
I've been in such a thinking mode lately. Which is not what i want to be doing, it adds to this anxiety. I'm thinking about my past to much, loosing my mom, who I was, where I am now, what do I want to do, In reality i think it all comes down to the underlying question... Why do I feel this way? I have control over myself, I should know why I feel the way I do.

I was having this conversation with my friend from out of town. Which mostly consisted of this...

"So do you think love is reserved for one person in your life? Your "soulmate" if you will? Or do you think love is more casual than that? That you have to love many before you find the love that's right for you? & do you think that love is a mutual thing, or is it possible to love someone & have it be one sided? Is love just a state of mind? Or is it something actual, something we can't control? Because isn't an emotion determined by how we interpret and react to a particular situation?"

I don't believe that love is reserved for one person in your life, but that doesn't mean I believe that you should have many partners at one time. I think only certian people, who are really lucky, that find their true soulmate. Love can be more casual than that though. Loving many before finding the "right one" gives you experiences. Love is great when it's great, but it's terrible when it's not. Without these experiences, you can walk into a relationship so nieve and then you will know the effects of love. I would never want to take back any of my previous relationships because of the hurt I went through, I cherish that because it gives me that experience so when I go into another relationship, I learn new things, but I know what love has been like before. Love is an emotion, but it's much more than JUST that. LOVE IS NOT LOVE IF IT IS ONE SIDED.

But, what would I know...I'm just a 17 year old girl.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

I know it turns you off when I, I get talkin' like a teen. Talkin' like a teen.

Model/Musician-Kemp Muhl

Gorgeous. The first time I actually heard about her was in November's issue of Nylon (Megan Fox, front cover). I love this head-dress. I do wish it was faux fur though (holler for vegetarians). I want to be Pocahontas for Halloween next year. Find a bunch of faux fur & suede. Haha, thinking ahead! She reminds me very much of Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke. Another great costume idea.

Moving on from Ms. Muhl.
Today was rough. I'm having a lot of anxiety lately. I think a lot it is because of dealing with all of this college stuff...I'm completely ontop of it, but I still need 7 or 8 pieces to put in my portfolio. I'm hopefully visiting California to check out CCA, but I'm pretty set with going to Columbia, here in Chicago. Love this city half to death.
I start my art class next Thursday thank the baby Jesus. It's a super intimate class, very one on one. Which is great, I need that fundamental structure.

Anyway, some major thrifting will be done this weekend. I heard there's great one in Wicker Park. I'll have to check it out when I go this weekend (hopefully).

CURRENT PROJECTS: Making a cropped tee out of an old, large teeshirt. New wilderness collage. Last but not least, looking up some seriously rad Christmas crafts. Holler.

Muito amor, um amor.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Bloggers,

However it may find you, good morning, afternoon or night!

This is mia speaking and other then this blog I usually don’t check the internet that often

Im not really part of this cyber generation, where we use computer slang to connect to each other. I’m a writer and I try not to diminish the English language


I’m currently in a mental crossroad.

I’m trying to decide where I should spend my future and my money. College.

But not just any colleges, no of course I fall in love with the expensive private art colleges because they’re types that accept my kind.

It wasn’t a hard decision to want to go to art school.

What could be better then living a life about learning what you love.

Ha , say that five times fast. But really isn’t that the American dream?

And who is THE MAN, to say that I can’t afford my dream?

And im sure damn not smart enough to gain my dreams for free so I have to work with what my momma gave me. Shit.

My mother doesn’t even believe I can do this either. Scholarships, loans, grants, bullshit.

I should be able to afford to dream. And fuck y’all who think I can’t make it.

Because at the end of the day, you have to have your back, you are all you have.

So who ever you are reading this, maybe the girl in my gym class that changes next to me, or a 45 year old Bon Jovi fan that lives with his mom,

I want to tell you



god damn I is especially preachery today. My bad. Its just when I think about the future,

 I suddenly get this fire to get done whatever I achieve. And that’s not bad my blogging friends. “It just tells me, I know what I want out of life”

( five brownie points if you can name what song that is from haha)

but how is your fall going? Does it make you nostalgic too?

It makes me miss the people I can’t remember anymore


Love. Mia.

Quick fashion find.

Elli here,

I wanted to do a quick post before I go to school (blech). Found this awesome look. May not suit some, but I love long sleeves and bold shoulders on a short dress (along with a pair of killer black booties ). I've been seeing this look more and more in the fashion industry. Definitely reminds me of a Kate Moss dress.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I'm so eager to see my family. Touch base, re-center. That's what I'm thankful for; FAMILY. With the whirwind of shit we've been through these past two years, I've really come to appreciate even having a legitimate family.

Anyway, getting back on track with Thanksgiving. I better start training for this 10K Thanksgiving morning marathon that I've done the past two years. Hopefully I'm not too out of shape seeing as it's to hard to do much running with a sore throat & major congestion. Yuck.

If i don't leave now, my French teacher is going to serve me a F on a plater.

Ayez une bonne journée! Beaucoup d'amour,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two ladies and a blog.

HELLO! This is Elli & Mia's Blog!
Elli is the Buttons
and Mia is the acrylic.

Our mission is to give you some insight on how we see music, fashion, movies, art, etc...

you see now, elli is that white bitch with the black woman inside her. Got that class up the ass. know what im sayin. she's a cool cat got a little bit o this a little bit of that. Fashion is her thing. word?
WORD. Second off, Mia is the brown baby. That bitch over there. She spits mad rhymes and has some BIG TITS. Just kidding, but they is big. She's been my sistafran for only six months. Know it short, but it's strong as nigerian hair. This girl loves art. Fills sketchbooks till there is no more page space.

We're both inspiring Journalists. Mia for Music and Elli for Fashion.

love from e&m

more later!