Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"gun hip swollen lip bottle sip"

you left me broken down beggin for change.
(art from the previous fieldtrip)

Homies is the word of the week.

I can’t stop saying homies, I guess because they surround me.

Finals are over, now its back to reality, facing new subjects and tasks.

I’m officially a second semester senior.

Life is just about to begin.

I ended up seeing that old friend of mine.

Who knew the Harold Washington library was the happening place for elderly men to play chess? I had a splendid time.

and here's a zombie i painted:

My concentration was suppose to be zombies

But I got kind of bored painted decayed flesh.

We’ll see where the next inspiration comes from…

Current Obsession:


Indeed they are always an obsession!

Coco Rosie consists of two sisters from France and one male dj.

One sister ‘raps’ like a folk-poetry, sister number two was actually an opera singer.

The two combine have a sultry yet raspy persona.

Plus the beats are sick. But I can see why some wouldn’t like their mousy-ish. tone.

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  1. Look at me, commenting again, beating Maria. Did you know that the Golden Girls is one of the greatest shows of all time? After Arrested Developement, Psych, the Office, the Avengers and the Nanny, of course.