Friday, January 22, 2010

Boneless, this town is all in hell

what it is guys.
i've just realized every headline of a post is a song lyric, COOL. (not)
I'm stuck at home this evening for i am being punished for my unfortunate grades.
i'ma take my angst on the interweb.
Angsty kirsten! you forgot your bra at home, babe.

i'm going to start writing down my epiphanies i have everyday
and it will read: MIA'S EPHIPHANY OF THE DAY!!
(kinda of like pee wees "word" of the day)

epiphany 1/22/10: being stuck in a rut is for people that do not know themselves.
Say your down in the dumps, your girlfriend just sex texted somebody else, or your period stained your pants, your cat died...
you have to learn how to laugh at your stupid little life.
If your stuck feeling like shit, it's because you don't know how to make yourself happy!

Like today i was bummed, i was suppose to go to Hyde park and visit a friend
(which would've been epic and wonderful, i'm so sorry Remy if your reading this!)
and i couldn't.. but you know what i did?
well first i was angsty, but after that guys, i just brushed it off
can't let those little disappointments weigh you down.


  • Explosions in the sky ( i went to see them on 7/2/09 at the congress. they are an instrumental/ experimental/melodic jam band, to say the least it was a very spiritual experience. )
he is in most of my favorite movies (Rushmore, the Darjeling Limited)
his wonderful tv show, Bored to death.
his wonderful band coconut records.
plus i have a thing for jewish boys....
  • my new favorite band is called Grizzly Bear*. I've known them for a while but just recently I've taken the time to actually listen to them. There is no point in describing them except COOL. and you want to be cool don't you. oh and The Notwist *, listen to them if ya want to hip.
fuckin Zach Galifianki's is king.

~Mia joy


  1. Miiiiia you are fantastic. Both of these are great. Galifianakis is the greatest. You should have scanned my card in for your little Jason Schwartzman spotlight.

    oh, and I think you would find this amusing at least:

  2. oh maia how you know me well.
    and i def will display your card on the blog
    so keep on the look out
    thank you thank you!!!