Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two ladies and a blog.

HELLO! This is Elli & Mia's Blog!
Elli is the Buttons
and Mia is the acrylic.

Our mission is to give you some insight on how we see music, fashion, movies, art, etc...

you see now, elli is that white bitch with the black woman inside her. Got that class up the ass. know what im sayin. she's a cool cat got a little bit o this a little bit of that. Fashion is her thing. word?
WORD. Second off, Mia is the brown baby. That bitch over there. She spits mad rhymes and has some BIG TITS. Just kidding, but they is big. She's been my sistafran for only six months. Know it short, but it's strong as nigerian hair. This girl loves art. Fills sketchbooks till there is no more page space.

We're both inspiring Journalists. Mia for Music and Elli for Fashion.

love from e&m

more later!

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