Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey everyone who reads this!

i'm writing this blog in film class 
because i'm bored and finished with most things.
i'm starting a fantastic project

i brought one of my cameras to school today.
 I found an old tape in the dust of my shelves.
There was footage of freshman year,
 its funny how my voice hasn't changed
there was a lot of tape that was not used so 
i thought i would record a day in my senior year
so i have a lot of awkward experssion
and some pretty awesome interviews.
i had lunch with a boy
and i enjoyed it.
thanksgiving is coming,  with all its
family drama over that cousin who isn't out of the closet
 to the unexpected  pregnancies
and drunken trvia scwabbles
aren't we all excited to see those family members that
don't remember your name but they kiss you on the cheek anyways.
i Hope your holidays are as awkward as mine
I'll be watching war movies with my uncle joe who went to vet niam. 

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