Monday, November 16, 2009


Hush up its my turn to talk, trick!


How it is

No really how is it?

I have had a jam packed day let me tell you

I had an art field trip ( of course I did, because im the type of kid

who has an art field trip then blogs about it that night, my lord who am i!)

 so we went to this art supply store on the east-y east of side of Chicago

FUN FACT: there really is no such thing as an east side because Lake Michigan covers that whole side of the state, so the closest side we have to the east is our downtown towards the lake.

Nerdy that I just schooled you on my chi knowledge? Nay, what could be more thug then the town that made al capone famous? AINT NOTHING BUT A G THANG.

Im very proud of my city obviously

Which makes it such a hard decision whether I should stay here or go to Nashville for school…….

I gotta really soul search. I love that phrase. It makes you feel like the devil, “WHERE HAS MY SOUL GONNNNEEE???”

Bahaha.  back to the fieldtrip. So after the art supply store we went to Portillos down the block. I think its on superior and Orleans ( north east side)

AND the main cashier was this 50 year old black woman who had this head mic and announced your order in a very jovial tone, you know , calling er body baby.

Which I absolute love.

Im drawn to people with that type of energy like a moth.

So me and my friend maria asked to be photographed with her.

I wasn’t afraid, I even wore the little paper built fold out hat for the rest of the day.

I also gave her the rest of the brownies I baked that I brought for the trip.

So im pretty sure God is going to let me into heaven now.

The rest of the day my friends and I broke from the pack, smoked our squares ( I know cliché) looked through the numerous galleries/exhibits. Most of the glass vases I saw looked like very well made bongs.

Either bong makers are getting better

or fiber/glass students are smoking pot.

Just an observation.

I also got to know two different guy graffiti artists.

One was even nice enough to compliment my work.

I took a lot of solid pictures of the city. I’ll post that later.

I also caught up with a girl I use to be friends with from eight grade.

Its nice to hear she got her act together, happy and making art.


p.s I have had this one particular masterpiece of a song in my head

“ where is my panties” by outkast on the speakerboxx/love below album


where basically it’s a dialogue montage of the morning after a first night stand

and in Andre 3000 point of view, he’s all like

“ she gunna think I think she some type a hoe.

But really, it make me think, she know what she want out of life!”


Which really America,

Is so much my life. Not the first night stand part

But I know what I want out of life!


Ps.s did you ever realize that cats don’t have eye lids?

Next time you cant take your glance of your cat

Notice that they kinda resemble owls a bit.


Fight the power!




  1. wooho u mentioned me
    im famous! :)
    which reminds me to put up the photos form that fieldtrip
    love the blog you two dirty girls are hilarious!


  2. thanks for noticing and commenting!