Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Bloggers,

However it may find you, good morning, afternoon or night!

This is mia speaking and other then this blog I usually don’t check the internet that often

Im not really part of this cyber generation, where we use computer slang to connect to each other. I’m a writer and I try not to diminish the English language


I’m currently in a mental crossroad.

I’m trying to decide where I should spend my future and my money. College.

But not just any colleges, no of course I fall in love with the expensive private art colleges because they’re types that accept my kind.

It wasn’t a hard decision to want to go to art school.

What could be better then living a life about learning what you love.

Ha , say that five times fast. But really isn’t that the American dream?

And who is THE MAN, to say that I can’t afford my dream?

And im sure damn not smart enough to gain my dreams for free so I have to work with what my momma gave me. Shit.

My mother doesn’t even believe I can do this either. Scholarships, loans, grants, bullshit.

I should be able to afford to dream. And fuck y’all who think I can’t make it.

Because at the end of the day, you have to have your back, you are all you have.

So who ever you are reading this, maybe the girl in my gym class that changes next to me, or a 45 year old Bon Jovi fan that lives with his mom,

I want to tell you



god damn I is especially preachery today. My bad. Its just when I think about the future,

 I suddenly get this fire to get done whatever I achieve. And that’s not bad my blogging friends. “It just tells me, I know what I want out of life”

( five brownie points if you can name what song that is from haha)

but how is your fall going? Does it make you nostalgic too?

It makes me miss the people I can’t remember anymore


Love. Mia.

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