Friday, March 26, 2010

Yeah my friends, they are so beautiful.

This week has been long, but not because of the grueling last days of school before Spring Break, but because I was SICK AS HAYEL. So sick. Tuesday I couldn't even move. Yet today I feel fantastic.
I had some serious bondin' with Mia & Sydney. We giggled our way to the park & took fisheye shot's of the sun through the trees & our shadows dancing on the ground.
Later, I got my nails done with Hannah before she left for Cabo.

We're watching Crash in Journalism right now. Unfortunately, I'm confused. I missed the first 30 minutes of it because I was modeling for a photo shoot my boyfran' had to shoot. Our prop, a hot pink skull. Mia on the other hand got her little brown fingers on a vintage, 100 pound, camcorder.

Just beyond the riverbendd!
I can't wait for myself & Mia posing as Pocahontas, oars in hand, to come out of the water bath.

-Knotted Wedges.
I just bought a super cheap pair from Target the other day. I wish I had the right outfit to match these suckers.

-Kurt Cobain.
Honestly, this man has been far more than a current obsession. I wrote my 8 paged Junior Theme on his life
Kurt Cobain: The Godfather of Grunge.
Amen sisterfran'.
My dad met this man. Went out to a bar with the band. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT.
I can.

-Nikon Coolpix
My family is currently looking for a new "family" camera. I've had my eye on the Coolpix-es(?). They have quite a variety. I want one. I would like to start posting my outfits, but I need a camera to do this.

-Getting accepted into the college I was hoping to attend next Fall.
Woohoo! Next: wait to hear back about the dorm they're offering me.
I've decided that maybe I should transfer to a university in California instead of an art college in California. Obviously I'm transferring to Cali, the question now is where.

-Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Wes Anderson has always created eccentric films. Full of heartwarming and heartbreaking stories. While unable to move on Tuesday, I watched Mr. Fox. The first thing that blew me away was the imagery. Absolutely beautiful. The actors chosen fit each of the characters to the T. Clooney was witty & smooth as Mr. Fox. Streep was fierce as Ms. Fox. Most of all, Schwartzman was a rebel without a cause as Ash. Everyone, please watch this movie. It will indeed (as Mia says) pull at your heart strings. Hard.

uh oh.
love &...pocket rockets,
-Elli Isabelle.

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  1. great photos, and those shoes!