Monday, March 22, 2010

hook, line, sinker

lets skip the small talk.
I'm riding on an a angsty trip to nowhere nice.
if my youth had a voice it would sound like this:
(baby connor oberst how Commander Venus/ Bright Eyes came to be!!)

this is the point of the year where i lose grip.
my anxiety kicks in like bee stings, and i'm swollen.
I'm just waiting for that tidal wave to sweep me off of this god forsaken suburbia

Honestly, I'm not a scholar, i never study, I am always behind.
i have to do my undoings before the end starts to begin.
my future is at stake, as well as everything i so badly want.

one day, I'll live my charmed life.
live in my loft in the city
with my charmed spouse

till then, ill suffer through my youth
until I age and realize how easy i had it.

i performed on friday!
my knees were literally shaking from nerves.
all the other girl performers there were very meek sounding, kimya dawson-esqe
i sang the funeral, island in the sun and buy you a drank.
proud moment.


*Elliott Smith.
hey now, lets talk about this.
Everyone has been through this stage and I'm not saying I'm going through my stage( because i already have)
yes he killed himself, yes his music is depressing
yes he might be over-rated by hipsters
just don't think about it, because he is worth indulging in.

portuguese david bowie covers ( from life aquatic soundtrack)
Tug at my heart strings a little harder why don'tcha.

speaking of Wes anderson soundtracks.....
*Nico/the velvet underground
"these days"
(fuckin love this movie)

*Hook line sinker by Jon Brion
( he does the score for eternal sunshine, I heart huckabbess and others)
top notch, amazing.
meltin my heart like a valentine from your mother.

*SPRING fashions:
I'm really into wearing grandma cardigans.
floral prints and ripped tights with boots
black eyeliner with red lipstick
very 90's reminiscent, basically i want to be a combo or Daria and Jenny Lewis

gawhh man, prom is coming up.
that means i have to boldy go where many unconventional/quirky broads have gone before.
take a guy friend to the prom, vintage dress, get smacked,
cry from the least expected, get lost in the city
and write about that night for the rest of my adult life.
i hope.

happy birthday maria hinijosa,
this is for you ( a baby emu)

~mia joy

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