Monday, March 8, 2010

We've been seeing alot of each other.
i feel kinda lame writing consecutive post after post.
are you appreciating my dedication?
It's been pretty mundane here in toke park reefer forest.
its always the same by and by.
sometimes me and my friends feel like were are in a boring
sundance movie about teenagers.

I've re-watched this movie. Wild Tigers i have known.
About a confused gay boy growing up as an outcast. scenery is beautiful because its produced by Gus Van Sant.
Hanunting and Endearing.
"Do you think about breaking things? We could break things. Hearts? Don't break my heart" ha ha, ha ha.

I'm listening to soft indie girl rock. i think its the gray skies and the shy sun
and Mirah is the best for that. look up " 100 knives" totally adorable.

I've also tackled two things last week and this week.
I've rewatched something that was very hard to see, because of memories and what not.
but by god, it was good.
I give you: SLC PUNK

its crazy how much this movie has influence me, my view on music and living, thinking.
its really shaped.

well, my procrastinating is killing me. I've got business to take care of but
good news! i had a recording session yesterday with my friend Eli
and we recorded the funeral by Band of horses
and i got a gig for a school thing on the 19! woot woot.

I've gotta feed my cat,
~ mia joy

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