Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Woman.

I'm dying my hair...

So while I wait for it to settle in, I shall post.

Chloe, you look awesome in your Acne jeans.
Speaking of Sevigny, have you been watching Big Love?
Oh, it's SO good.

I found this picture of Edie Sedgwick & Andy Warhol in NY-1965 while using stumbleupon.com (for all of you that don't know this site, check it out. It finds websites that fit your interests).

Today was a really good fucking day.
Excuse the nasty language.
Tuesday's at my step mom's are always the best. Home-cooked, organic meals & plenty of great energy. She's the lifesaver that Amy lady.

Tomorrow is a huge day & hopefully everything will go as planned. We're doing our first rehearsal for the runway show. This could either go great or no one could listen & I'll slowly pull my hair out.

Lately I've been feeling so indecisive. With my emotions, mostly. I've been doubting one moment, then spewing rainbows another. I want to sit & blame it on leaving for college, but is that really it?
I suppose.
My moods swing with the weather. It's funny how sunshine can make a day beautiful in every single way.

SO. I think this summer I have a job working with mentally challenged pre-schoolers. GAWH (:
This income, including graduation money will lead to my end-of-the-summer trip to Montreal with my favorite favorites. After a few days there, we're taking a train to the Adirondacks in New York to go hiking in the beautiful mountains. A great way to end the summer.

I love you more than sunshine dust.

-Elli Isabelle.

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