Sunday, February 14, 2010

& if you want to kill yourself, remember that I love you. Call me up before your dead. We can make some plans instead.

(I love this photograph, & I love the boy that took it, too)

First off...

R.I.P Alexander McQueen.
Can't believe it.

Krystal Simpson also shares my love for Spiderman.

I haven't been in the writing mood much lately.
I felt motivated this morning & decided to post. Along with doing my 10,000,000 pounds of laundry. Woohoo!
This weekend I've been moping around the house wishing that everything worked out for New York. I'm missing fashion week & it's killing me. To pass the time, I've done a bit of shopping. The spring lines are making me way to excited for nice weather. Might as well stick with jeans & plaid till the snow melts.
Hey! Happy Valentines day. I hope everyone has a marvelous one.

-This picture.
Unfortunately, this is probably going to be the outcome of my future. I can see it already. Wearing PeeWee Herman crowns, guzzling 40s, baking weed cake.
-Prom dress shopping.
I know i have like 3 months to go, but I'm afraid if I don't find one now. I'm not going to find one at all!

-Superbowl commercials.
I actually really enjoyed the commercials this year, I thought they were hilarious.
Your playing like Betty White out there...
That's not what your girlfriend said.

-Tie Dying!
My hands are still discolored from the dye we used.

I have A LOT of pictures I want to post, so I'll be doing that over the next few days.
Thank you for reading, guys.
-Elli Isabelle.

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