Sunday, February 28, 2010

if you turn to me. like a gull takes to the wind

oops i did it again,
i dyed my hair red
and captured your heart!!!
oh baby baby...

I can't sleep and i have much to say.
tomorrow is Casmir Palaski day!!!!!
those of you that don't live in chicago
wont find that as exciting
it does remind me of a beautiful sufjan steven song.

I'm going to write you a poem to make the spring come sooner:

March on dear spring!

Let me see that grass shawty

I just love the way your sun shines

And the rhythm of your birds

Baby, you know you my only baby

There might have been other babies

But you’re my one and only


I’m remoting less and less on actual human contact.

Which needs to stop.

You know what really brings people together? Orgies.

Then crisis will be averted.

Let me give you an image. when i got home today, couldn’t wait to put my sweats on and my 1984 world tour Santana t-shirt, jamming to coco rosie and maxin on soup.

Needless to say, I’m worn out and over worked.

I’ve been focusing on getting my music together, finishing shooting my movie plus trying to graduate.

Lucky you, I’m feeling light hearted today.

I want to introduce you to a new blogging segment called:

You Give me a BONER “so & so”

This week its been

  • Andre 3000
  • Jenny Lewis
  • Kat Von D
  • Jeff Goldblum
  • Demetri Martin

Any of these people I would gladly surrender my knickers too.

I have been getting back into music i really liked in junior high. It feels a bit unsettling to be nostalgic. At the same time I'm like, this is amazing why did i ever stop!

silversun pickups, the shins, yeah yeah yeahs, bloc party .

makes me feel like time never stopped when ever i hear it

Lets talk about guilty pleasures for a sec.

Sometimes America,

I like things that are not funny or hip or sane. I can’t explain why, and it’s completely reasonable for you not to agree with me.

But sometimes I can’t help myself.

I was raised on emo.

I will always have a kinship with boys with flippy bangs, acoustic guitars and moaning melodies.Its what got me over those devastating 6th grade exploits.

So scuff all you want. I know its not any good.

But listening to some Saves The Day or Brand New once in a while is the same guilty satisfaction I get from a drunken trip to McDonalds.

Nothing. Nothing, melts my heart quite like a Wes Anderson Soundtrack.

I think it might be what home would sound like.

~ mia joy.

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