Monday, February 15, 2010


hey your 30, I'm 18 lets make it happen!
no but seriously, I hope you make much more painstakingly beautiful music in the future.

I haven't been bloggin lately because i've been living .
but I hope ya'll have enjoyed my video.

I've had a couple of things on my mind.
I think I'm going to quit the stuff.
I think ever since i turned 18 the forbidden desire sorta escaped me.
plus i don't think the fellas dig it.
well maybe i'll only have some during celebrations..
sounds like a plan.

So i have been toatlly into feel good comedys lately like
MR. Woody Allen.
god bless you sir, you make me feel good about my neuroses.
watch Play It Again, Sam. ( his less known film and first time he acted with the young
Diane Keaton. very very cute date movie, if you needed one)

And of course...
i completely adore him and his lovely voice.
ShopGirl is great too. He wrote the Novella and the Beautiful Jason Schwartzman is in it.

I'm totally diggin this partyin for 20/30 hours straight
and then sleeping off 15 hours.
I bet my valentines day weekend was cooler
I danced with a 50 year old black woman named Janelle
who was hooting "move that body work that body!!"
you think i'm joking, but i'm so not.
just don't ask how.

I haven't really been focusing on new music mostly because
i'm really into the music i already have and i'm trying to master new songs to sing.
I think I'm going to try to leartn "you belong with me" by T.Swift
you'll love it.

It's tired in here.
buster bluth anyone?

-mia joy

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  1. YES. You belong with me = masterpiece. (I mean.. Only if YOU sing it, of course. I don't actually like the song or anything?)

    In other news, I greatly dislike Steve Martin. And I prefer Allen's early Love & Death to Play it Again, Sam. But still, this is fabulous and clever, and you should definitely quit smoking. It's an expensive way to die.