Friday, June 11, 2010


Summer time...
& the livin's easy.
Mia & I have been doing zero blogging lately...mostly because we're doing things more like this...

I decided since I just got a new laptop (woohoo graduation!) that I'd post what I've been collecting/doin'.
Summer so far has..n't really been feeling too much like summer. The weather has been (smuh+shitty=) smitty & humid. I've been lacking the urge to dress any forms of nice. The day's have been busy though & I'm enjoying what summer has brought to me so far.
But first off. BLACKHAWKS WIN THE STANLEY CUP! Did a victory lap with friends around the deserted streets and screamed to the street lamps above us. Ending the night with slurred orders to the obviously irritated Denny's waitress, who was probably wishing she too were feasting with friends at 1am. BLESS her.
With that of course comes a parade. Which was today. Being fallen on by a fat drunk man and the killer humidity was worth it when the team rode down Michigan Ave. in double decker buses and the silver cup shining as flakes of red and white stuck to the sweaty faces of die hard fans. In other words, Chicago is packed high with pride.

As far as school goes, I'm done. I, Elli, is no longer a High School student. I'm now a freshman all over again. Surprisingly, this doesn't bother me. Yes, I'm nervous. But I just ended something great to begin something great. Our graduation is this Sunday. Except my idea of graduation doesn't involve passing of axes and chanting my city's name to a bunch of sweaty, crying family members.
Here's to you class of 2010.

-Joy Division
My dad put a mix of their greatest songs in the car & now it's the only thing that's played. Ian Curtis' mesmerizing voice makes you want to dance. This dark, post-punk 80's band is the tits. They aren't super well known, but I highly recommend to those who haven't heard. Urban Outfitters actually made a shirt with their album Unknown Pleasures cover on the front. Curtis suffered from epilepsy & he eventually hung himself in May of 1980.
-My ipod!
For the longest time I avoided my ipod because I knew that it would just be clicking through a hundred songs just to get to one I wanted to listen to. BUT a few days ago, I stayed up till 4am clearing my ipod of unwanted songs & downloading the one's I've been dying to get. Now, I can't take my hands off of it.

So, let's talk fashion. Eh?

-Rumi Neely for RVCA
Although she only has two pieces up for sale as of now, they are still two pieces I'd wear on a day to day basis. Her Mila-Fifth Element-inspired formfitting dress is simple, but the shoulder and arm cut out detail is fuunnnnnnn-n.
-Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
The lookbook in it's self is enough for me. The shoes are killer, the dresses are flowy with eye catching patterns, & Chloe looks like she owns the city that stands meekly behind her. The light layers are great for summer and the flimsy skirt paired with moto boots is made for the heat.
Hopefully I'll keep this bloggin' thing on a roll instead of waiting months to post again.

Chacha on!
-Elli Isabelle.

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