Thursday, June 17, 2010


I can no longer....
call myself a weekend warrior.
The job I had set up fell through, no one is hiring, & every day of the week is a weekend.
So I sit here in the freezing air conditioning, listening to the whistling of the moist air tease a leaf that it might escape & live peacefully in my room.
Although I am currently jobless, my days have been filled with adventures to thrift stores, Target, & parks. Eating pink watermelon and white lemon Italian Ice every night, staying up late reading fashion blog after fashion blog, & adventuring foggy trails & chasing after an unknown species.
Let me tell you, it's been quite fun.

I don't have much more to say besides that I was in the mood to do a little post. I have a few pictures I'd like to share that I've been collecting.
Che-che-che-che-check-uh-CHECK IT OUT.
Bambi is my favorite model.
Pink haired Cobain is my current background.
Don't deny the POWER of Bowie.
JDepp with his niece.
I've just been so into my music lately that I'll just have to share with you my current favorite.
This is more like it.

-Elli Isabelle.

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