Saturday, June 26, 2010

Broken Social Scene - Anthems for a 17 Yr Old (Ghost World)

So High Schools over.
It felt like everything i thougt it would but i couldn't emote.
I will miss how easy it was, so easy, to have fun and laugh and fuck and fight and drink and lie and smoke. To connect to one another and believe in nothing.

I'm leaving behind routines and walls and floors, fat security guards, couples dry humping on the staircases and girls taking pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirrors.

I will never get the chance to say thank you to that one janitor, who said good morning to me every single morning.
I will never get the chance of telling the deserving few people, that they should fuck off foever,
or something to that extent.

But I have declared my love to the right people within these past years.
and i suppose i accomplished everything that i should of
and shouldn't of.

When i'll look back on high school i'll remember
that i never gave a fuck.
So , so long lonesome!!!!


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