Saturday, April 3, 2010

hello world, I'm your wild girl, I'm your ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!!!

" feet, why do i need you if i have wings to fly?"
Frida i feel the same way.

Its been awhile, but i honestly don't feel bad.
spring break is at its end. To recap I...
* picked up liquor from this man that looked like a mexican carl from

* Saw THE RUNAWAYS with kstew, dakota fanning (ew oh god)
marvelousss movie real real top notch, i'm tellin ya.
got me hot and ready to ROCK!
in all seriousness, their band manager stold the show
Mr. Kim Fowley , who is a notorious bad ass
i found this in the screenplay i download ( i knowshutup)



Dog shit! Urine-stained dog shit! Rock n’ roll is a blood sport, a sport of men. It’s for the people in the dark, the death cats, the masturbators, the outcasts who have no voice, no way of saying I hate this world, my father’s a faggot, fuck you, fuck authority -- I want an orgasm!

He thrusts his hips.


Now growl! Moan! This ain’t women’s lib, kiddies -- this is women’s libido! I wanna see the scratch marks down their fuckin’ backs!

(to Cherie)

Now do it again. Again. Like your boyfriend just fucked your sister

in your parents’ bed.

I've also gone to the beach and took lots and lots of photos

( which i can't wait for them to be uploaded because its all we talk about!) with ms. elli

spent alot of time with her and bren. just like the good ol days!

saw some friends i haven't in a while which was meh, AMAZING.



ahhh i don't exactly understand whats going on in this video butt

if my heart could write songs they would sound like this.

plus they are all the rage amongst my youth.

so have a happy easter.

i love you.

~ mia joy
p.s ( sydney tauber you are the coolest)


  1. The "kill em' with kindness!" picture is from Tim & Eric right??

  2. love frida, she's so right. and great photo!

  3. thank you so much for notcing!!!
    and yes elli , its is !
    ~ mia